Home News Devout Christian TV Stars Under Attack For Their Beliefs!

Devout Christian TV Stars Under Attack For Their Beliefs!


“BuzzFeed, along with other liberal sites, went after the Gaines family this week for committing the crime of being Christian. Sure, they didn’t put it like that exactly.

Instead they accused Chip and Joanna of attending a church led by a pastor who doesn’t believe in gay marriage. But, as anyone with even a trivial understanding of the world’s largest religion already knows, every authentic Christian church in the world teaches the same thing. There has never existed a real Christian church that disagrees with the Gaines’ pastor on this matter.

There have existed many apostate churches that deny Christ’s teachings on marriage and sexuality, but they are not Christian in any way other than their name (and often their names aren’t all that Christian, either).”

It seems liberals don’t like Antioch Community Church, a non-denominational mega church, the Gaines family attends. Because… wait for it… the pastor preaches good old-fashioned Christian family values.

Their faith is a cornerstone of their very successful career. Which includes the hit TV show “Fixer Upper” and the best-selling book, The Magnolia Story