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Breaking: Isis Slaughtering Christians In Egypt


Courtesy of wikimedia commons https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Orthodox_priest_walking_up_Mount_Sinai_(Egypt).jpg

Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula is under siege from a growing number of militant Islamists including Isis who are reportedly not only bombing but gunning down Coptic Christians, who now number less than 1000. In 2011 there were reportedly over 5000, so over 4000 have been murdered by Islamic Militants.

A Religion Of Peace

ISIS recently released a video in which they call for “fellow jihadists” to murder the Coptic Christians of Al Arish which they refer to as their “favorite prey.”

 Recent Church Bombing By Isis

Courtesy of AP youtube channel

In that 20-minute video (not featured,) ISIS claims responsibility for the January bombing of the central Coptic church in Cairo that killed nearly 30 people, saying that it was only the beginning.