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BREAKING: President Trump Is Building An Army! The Swamp Is About To Be Drained!


Image Source: Gage Skidmore

President Trump made a promise during his campaign to drain the swamp which is an extremely daunting task as the amount of people that means getting rid of is huge.

But President Trump seems to be taking the first step in fulfilling this promise to drain the swamp that is Washington DC.

President Trump is planning something big after his most recent press release.

He just added 26 lawyers to the White House Counsel and the only reason he would do that is if he is going to be attacking multiple people at once!

Here are the names of all 26 lawyers that joined Trump’s team!

Greg Katsas, Makan Delrahim, Annie Donaldson, John Eisenberg, Stefan Passantino, Jim Carroll, Stacy Cline Amin, Rene Augustine, John Bash, James Burnham, Jed Doty, Uttam Dhillon, Michael Ellis, Daniel Epstein, Scott Gast, Chris Grieco, Rob Luther, Stuart McCommas, Mike McGinley, John Moran, David Morrell, Claire Murray, Brian Rabbitt, Schuyler Schouten, James Schultz, John Walk.

When you look at what they specialize in their addition to Trump’s team becomes even more apparent.

He is building a legal army to go after the corruption in our government.

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    Great, good things to come!!