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BREAKING: The Scary Thing The CIA Can Did Explains EVERY One Of The Democrat’s Russian Hacking Theories!


Image Source: Gage Skidmore

The Democrats have been trying to create a false connection between President Trump and Russia since the election and their lies have only become more apparent with the Obama wiretapping scandal of Trump Tower.

Then yesterday WikiLeaks dropped the first part of it’s next big document dump that all details how the CIA is able to do a multitude of scary things with our devices without having to answer to anyone.

CIA steals other groups virus and malware facilitating false flag attacks #Vault7 https://t.co/K7wFTdlC82 pic.twitter.com/Z0nat1Lqsv

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) March 7, 2017

One of the biggest things that WikiLeaks revealed is that the CIA has been stealing the malware and viruses from foreign countries and hackers and in order to make it look like the hacks are coming from somewhere else.

The first thought of how they could have used this knowledge recently are all of the lies and rumors around the Russian hacking of the election.

Russia denies the claims they hacked the US elections vehemently and their isn’t any evidence that it was a state source that did it other than “Russian agents” or was it?

Remember those #DDoS attacks framing Russia? Well now we know its very possible it was the CIA all along #Vault7 pic.twitter.com/hSJzXatAoR

— RepChick🇺🇸كافرة (@RepublicanChick) March 7, 2017

And remember who broke the news that the hacks were from Russia? None other than the CIA themselves.

Notable hacker Kim Dotcom took to twitter to confirm that the CIA’s attempt at blaming Russia for the hacks is obvious now with this major leak from WikiLeaks.

CIA uses techniques to make cyber attacks look like they originated from enemy state. It turns DNC/Russia hack allegation by CIA into a JOKE

— Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) March 7, 2017

The Democrats’ theories and stories of Russian hacking are even more obviously false with this new information. They were just trying to cover their tracks and who better to blame for the attacks other than the country that the Democrats hate because they made Obama look like the loser that he is!