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Guest On CNN Mentioned 1 Thing On CNN And They Immediately Cut Him Off! See What Has Them Running Scared!


Image Source: CNN

CNN is running scared of anything that points out the truth to them because it will mess up the false stories that they are pushing out every day.

That is exactly what happened when this member of the House Appropriations Committee mentioned this 1 statistic that had them cut his feed immediately!

Dana Bash asked him if he thought that the travel ban was important to ensuring the safety of Americans and to protect from terrorism.

What he said next had CNN running in terror.

He brought up a statistic from the FBI that came out today that of the domestic terror attacks that have occurred on US soil, 30% of them were refugees.

Yes, you read that right. A third of the attacks on US soil were refugees and the Democrats are still fighting this!

CNN cuts guest's feed after he mentions terror link to refugees.

JUST A COINCIDENCE. pic.twitter.com/RyaJODi6Jj

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) March 7, 2017

This is absolutely insane and obviously CNN didn’t want to hear facts because they cut his feed immediately after he said this.

It didn’t matter that he even declared before hand that he did not want to lump every refugee in together and that this was simply a fact, but CNN cut his feed anyways.

All Dana Bash had to left to say was to blame it on “the TV Gremlins” that cut the feed.

Right, the moment someone comes on and drops facts on CNN about the terrorism threat from refugees the “TV Gremlins” make sure that he gets cut.

This is just another instance of CNN censoring common sense and logic when it doesn’t pertain to one of the many lies they call news.

And people wonder why President Trump has labeled the very fake news?

These people don’t know when to stop and this is exactly what needs to be stopped in our media!