Home News Trump Gave The Order: We Are Going In War With North Korea!!

Trump Gave The Order: We Are Going In War With North Korea!!



We are going in a war with North Korea folks! This is it!

Trump is a strong leader, and he is going to show he world that nobody mess with us!

We are the most powerful military force in the world and now we are going to use it!

A White House internal review of strategy on North Korea features the possibility of both military force as well as regime change in order to thwart Pyongyang’s nuclear-weapons threat, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday citing sources familiar with the process.

The strategy review, reported to have begun a fortnight ago, combined with U.S. President Donald Trump’s January vow to prevent North Korea from ever testing intercontinental ballistic missiles. The report – which could not be verified by CNBC – hints at a possible shift in U.S. foreign policy which could potentially rattle allies of both nations.

Defense ministers from the U.S., South Korea and Japan pledged to strengthen intelligence communications in the aftermath of North Korea’s most recent test-fired ballistic missile on February 12. Pyongyang, which had been banned from testing nuclear or missile-related technology by the United Nations, faced international condemnation for its most recent missile test.

There is a new political era in the world! America first, America strong, America great again!

And everybody is going to see this new America!

Our enemies should realize they are going to lose this battle!

We have the best military the best soldiers the best army in the world!

North Korea is very dangerous, they are threatening to us so long, we should solve this problems as soon as possible!

Trump is going to be the best president ever!