Home Politics Hypocrite Hillary Delivers Ironic Message On International Women’s Day

Hypocrite Hillary Delivers Ironic Message On International Women’s Day


Photo screengrab from video below

Oh no she is back! And she is very nasty as always! We hate this sick woman!

Hillary Clinton resurrected her previously dead Snapchat account to address Wednesday’s ‘Day Without a Woman’ protests. The former presidential candidate implored women around the country to fight for their rights, stand up for themselves, and never be silenced.

There’s a lot to fight for… so stand up, resist, run for office, be a champion,” Clinton said in the video. Hillary conveniently ignores one major fact: women around the country have tried to speak up for decades and YOU and your husband silenced them.

Since 1992 the Clinton’s have been attacking and abusing women. Hillary has called Gennifer Flowers ‘trailer-trash’, slammed Monica Lewinsky as a ‘narcissistic loony toon’, referred to her husband’s accusers as ‘bimbos’, and threatened Juanita Broaddrick after she accused Bill Clinton of rape.

Hillary, who did not attend the ‘Day Without a Woman’ protest nor last month’s million women march, should probably ask herself why she wasn’t on the guest list.

Watch the video below:


This woman is disgusting monster! She is so evil so bad so cruel so fake!

People are never going to elect her president, she is destined to lose that game!

American people know how bad people Clintons are!

We need real feminists like Ivanka Trump, smart, honest, successful women!

Hillary is not that, she is a scam!

More Christianity more family values more morality and ethics, that is what we need in America!

And with Trump we are getting exactly that, we are better day by day!

After his first term, our lives are going to be totally transformed, America will be great again so our lives.