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What Senator Tom Cotton Just Told O’Reilly Will Have These Democrats Running Scared!


Image Source: FOX News

Senator Tom Cotton is on the Intelligence Committee and is part of the team that is reviewing the intelligence that our intelligence community has gathered on the wiretapping and leaks of confidential information.

This means that he knows where the leak came from and how the media was able to get classified information from an unnamed source.

Obviously Senator Cotton can’t reveal where or what was leaked but he did make sure to point the finger somewhat during his appearance on the O’Reilly Factor last night.

This man just confirmed every theory from where the leaks originated and how the biased lying mainstream media got a hold of them.

Senator Cotton pointed the finger at partisan political appointees in the FBI as the people behind the leaks.

O’Reilly pointed out that the intelligence could only have been gathered by one organization and that it had to be that same organization that gathered the information to leak it.

O’Reilly asked Senator Cotton point blank if he knew where the leaks were coming from and Senator Cotton confirmed that he knew

Then he went on to elaborate as much as he could on where the leak came from.

Senator Cotton: Bill, I make two points about that. First I’ve seen media reports suggested Obama officials intentionally spread intelligence information widely to include just raising it in meetings when it was inappropriate to do so. They claim it was trying to preserve intelligence. I suspect it was more likely they were trying to get it to leak. Secondly the FBI is not just a law enforcement service, it’s also our main counter-intelligence service. The FBI is part of the Department of Justice. The FBI until January 20th was run by Obama political appointees. And the mains consumer of intelligence is the White House and National Security Council. So you have many partisan Democrats who are receiving this information. And I think it there might be a good chance you want to look at some of those partisan Democrats who left office on January 20th and now are being identified as former US officials if you want to know where some of these leaks are coming from.