Home Politics Tomi Lahren Destroys Left-Wing Feminists!

Tomi Lahren Destroys Left-Wing Feminists!


Liberals have twisted view on women and feminism. For them, feminism is when women are declared victims and when women are single all their life with no kids!

Family values for them is the biggest enemy!

TheBlaze TV host Tomi Lahren on Wednesday examined the craziness of International Women’s Day and explained why she was at work during the left-wing “Day Without a Woman” general strike and protest.

Noting that she refuses to be a victim, Lahren urged young women to understand that they don’t have to demand free things from taxpayers to be “real women.”

I didn’t wake up this morning worrying about what protest color I’d wear, or what the world would do without me because I didn’t wake up feeling like the victimhood narrative was a part of my story,” Larhen said. “Real women don’t have to remind the world every day that history once slighted them.

While women in poorer parts of the world woke up Wednesday without basic human rights, Lahren added, liberal actresses and musicians spread their corrupted view of what “feminism” is.

I don’t know about a day without women, but I could use a day without this nasty feminist b.s. masqueraded as women’s rights,” Larhen stated. “Yeah some challenges might be a little greater for some women but let me tell ya — it feels a whole hell of a lot better to overcome those challenges than it does to dwell on them, complain about them or use them as an excuse to fall short.

She is so right. We can call great Gavin McInnes:

This subject is so simple. Conservative view on women is very positive, for all conservatives women should be mothers, they should be respected, happy, loved…