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WOW-CNN’s Reza Aslan Films Himself Eating a Human Brain


CNN presenter Reza Aslan has been heavily criticized after he ate part of a human brain while filming with a Hindu cannibal sect in India.

“Want to know what a dead guy’s brain tastes like? Charcoal,” Aslan wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday. “It was burnt to a crisp! #Believer.”

Outrage immediately followed with many slamming Reza for choosing to portray the most extreme form of Hinduism for shock value.Many Hindu leaders and groups also condemned the actions of the CNN host.

A statement from the US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) opined that the Angholi’s provide an inaccurate look at Hinduism.

“Most Hindus are vegetarians and uphold non-violence,” the statement read. “With multiple reports of hate-fueled attacks against people of Indian origin from across the US, the show characterises Hinduism as cannibalistic, which is a bizarre way of looking at the third largest religion in the world.”

“When we are witnessing intolerant attacks on minorities, telecasting this serial will add more misrepresentation, bias and may lead more hate crimes,” Khanderao Kand, a community leader known for eradicating misrepresentation of Hinduism in California text books in 2004, told the Times of India.

Some also pushed back at CNN accusing them of being hypocritical.These claims of hypocrisy came when some pointed out the fact that CNN never ever likes or wants to show the extreme aspects of the religion of Islam.However there fully capable of exposing and showcasing the extreme aspects of the Hindu religion.