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Bill Clinton Tried To Take A Shot At Trump But Couldn’t Even Finish 1 Sentence! Watch Him Fall Apart Completely!


Image Source: FOX News

Bill Clinton gave a speech that was intended to take shots at President Trump for rallying behind nationalism and patriotism in America.

First of all what is wrong with loving your country and sharing that pride publicly?

If Bill Clinton had his way, we would all have to hide our patriotism for good.

Bill Clinton struggled to even finish his sentence as he fumbled his way through his speech. He did manage to get one sentence out and it is completely gibberish!

Bill Clinton: People who claim to want the nation state or actually trying to have a pan national movement to institutionalize separation and division within national borders all over the world.

Basically he’s saying that because President Trump and his supporters are patriotic and care about the health and safety of our country and want to stop illegal immigrants/terrorists from getting into our country that you want to separate the country.

Bill Clinton just stop talking no one is listening to your misogynist words.

Bill Clinton is completely wrong and his way of thinking along with Hillary’s is exactly why we are saying President Trump instead of President Clinton.