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God Bless Our Border Patrol! What They Just Shut Down Put A Huge Dent In Illegal Immigration!


Image Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Our Border Patrol doesn’t get enough credit as the front lines against illegal immigration and the fact they were handicapped for 8 years by the Obama administration from doing their job.

What our Border Patrol just discovered and shut down is HUUUGE!

Our Border Patrol just discovered an extensive underground tunnel network that Cartels have been using to smuggle both drugs and illegal immigrants through to the United States!

This is what happens when we have a President that supports the border patrol.

This is a huge blow to both drug trafficking and illegal immigration! The tunnels are highly sophisticated with a rail system and lights along a major portion of them.

These tunnels were not easy to find either. One of the tunnels was 70 feet underground.

Our Border Patrol is currently investigating the tunnels to map them out and after they are mapped out they will fill them in with concrete.

Thankfully we have a president that supports our Border Patrol and is going to keep supporting them so they can stop any more tunnels like this from happening.