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I’m a Democrat and It’s Time for Our Party to Apologize to America!


Photo screengrab from video below

Even democrats themselves admit that they ruined America! And they feel the need to apologize to American people!

We as a nation should help them to heel and transform to be a better opposition party! America needs strong democratic party, not the ruins that they are in this moment!

Look what one very smart member of a democratic party just did, look at this amazing letter to the American public!

This is really amazing, very inspiring, very honest, we love this.

Now that President Trump has delivered his State of the Union-style address, my fellow Democrats are settling in for a long fight. Our new DNC Chairman Tom Perez is leading the charge, promising to be a “nightmare” for the president and his fellow Republicans.

The reason is clear: Mr. Perez tastes political blood in the water. Trump’s approval rating is at historic lows, hammered by allegations of Russian collusion, a contentious immigration ban, and emotional Twitter outbursts.

Yet smart Democrats know that our position with the American people is just as weak. We hold the fewest number of state legislatures, governorships, and federal offices than at any point since the 1920s. And it’s a trend that started well before the 2016 election.

In short, America isn’t buying what Democrats are selling.

Trump will lead America to a better tomorrow!

Democrats will have plenty of time to reform and rebuild!

First we should make America great again!