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The Architect Behind Obamacare Didn’t Get The Memo! What He Just Said About Obamacare Has Trump Laughing!


Image Source: FOX News

Ezekiel Emmanuel went on FOX Business Network to discuss the Republicans plan to gut Obamacare and replace it with something that works, but Emmanuel apparently didn’t get the memo.

What he just said made Trump laugh with joy because it shows how little the Democrats listen to the American people.

Ezekiel Emmanuel actually tried to go on FOX News and defend Obamacare, saying that the rates were going down and that it was working incredibly.

… obviously he isn’t on Obamacare nor listening to the millions of Americans that have had their rates increase upwards of 20%.

But Obamacare works right?

No it doesn’t at all and this is why is can’t get thrown out by Congress any faster.

Emmanuel even has the audacity to say that “Obamacare is doing extremely well, better than anyone expected.”

Remember when Obama told the American people that they could keep the coverage that they already had if they liked it and then that changed.

Just another one of Obama’s countless lies to the American people.

If Obamacare is doing so well then why have multiple states seen massive increases in their rates?!

Ohio: 13.12% increase
Florida: 17.40% increase
Pennsylvania: 32.5% increase
Nevada: 11.74% increase
Maine: 21.24% increase
New Hampshire: 12.44% increase
Virginia: 21.68% increase
North Carolina: 24.30% increase
Iowa: 20.46% increase
Michigan: 16.06% increase
Wisconsin: 20.39% increase

Even Bill Clinton admitted that Obamacare was a horrible plan!