Two 14-Year-Old Boys Solved Melting Ice Cream Problems With This Simple Invention

Two 14-Year-Old Boys Solved Melting Ice Cream Problems With This Simple Invention


This invention is what every ice cream lover in the summer has been looking for.

Introducing: !

It’s an edible ring made out of waffle cone ingredients that slides onto an ice cream cone to protect your hand from getting any drips.

The ring comes in two flavors: chocolate and original. You can even add toppings like sprinkles or chocolate chips to the sweet invention.

One significant element of The Drip Drop is that it eliminates the need for having to bulk up on paper napkins around your cone.

And that’s not even the amazing part — the inventors of The Drip Drop are two 14-year-old boys, Sam Nassif and Oliver Greenwald.

“One day we were walking past an ice cream shop in our Denver neighborhood and we saw these two little kids with drippy hands and messy clothes from their ice cream cones. We then noticed how their mom used a handful of napkins to try to clean them up. This image stayed in our minds and a few minutes later suddenly we both turned to each other and had the same thought: something should be done about that problem!”

The boys from Denver, Colorado, brainstormed on their idea when they were just 10 years old. They took it to the , where they won 2nd place. Last year, Sam and Oliver were granted a U.S. Design Patent.

Their most recent mission was to get on the ABC show Shark Tank, where they were selected among 50,000 applicants.

On April 22, they became the first and youngest entrepreneurs ever to pitch to the show’s panel without an adult accompanying them.

Despite its success, The Drip Drop is not yet available for sale, though the boys are looking to license the design to ice cream cone manufacturers and shops.

While the invention does seem pretty simple and obvious, it might not have existed today without these two smart kids.

We’re proud of you, boys!