Home Politics Bill Clinton Resurfaces With A Dire Warning, Trump Is Mad As Hell!!!

Bill Clinton Resurfaces With A Dire Warning, Trump Is Mad As Hell!!!


Oh no, he is back! And he is in total attack mode against Trump, president Trump is mad as hell because of these attacks by Clintons!

We are more than sure that Trump is going to respond with brutal statement about this insane attacks on him.

Look what Bill Clinton just did, this is sick! He went against MAGA project!!!

He doesn‘t buy this whole “nationalism” thing. In his first major public appearance since the inauguration of Donald Trump, Clinton delivered a keynote speech at a Brookings Institute event. The former president cautioned against nation-state psychology and warned that this mentality will only further divide the world.

People who claim to want the nation-state are actually trying to have a pan-national movement to institutionalize separatism and division within borders all over the world,” Clinton said, via Politico. “It’s like we’re all having an identity crisis at once—and it is an inevitable consequence of the economic and social changes that have occurred at an increasingly rapid pace.”

Though not explicitly about Trump or his chief counselor Stephen Bannon, Clinton’s comments offer a rebuke of the Trump-ian form of nationalist populism. Trump’s over-arching, “America First” message is built on the primacy of domestic American interests over those of the world.

How insane are these people?! Trump is fighting not just ISIS, Iran, North Korea, Mexico, Russia, China etc. but he is fighting liberals too!

Why are these people doing this?! Why are they against MAGA project?!

Why are they against America first?!

Why are they against the notion of America great and the best in the world again?!

How is that against their political vision and beliefs?!

  • ZEPHANIAH54321

    What’s needed is some honest politicians .

    But than some would go to prison .