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CNN Claims That Hannity Is Controlling Trump, Hannity’s Response Is Perfect!


CNN attacked Sean Hannity and they got an epic smack down! Sean is the best, and he knows how to handle this liberal lunatics.

He is the best TV host in America in this moment, and he is the biggest Trump supporters. Thanks to people like him we have Trump in the White House.

This is the reason for all the fight. Sean Hannity urged President Trump to ‘purge’ all the undercover politicians working for Obama in his administration. “For weeks, we’ve been warning you about the deep state Obama holdover government bureaucrats who are hell-bent on destroying this president, President Trump. Tonight, it’s time for the Trump administration to begin to purge these saboteurs before it’s too late,” said Hannity.

One day after Hannity said this opening monologue on his show, Jeff Sessions fired all 46 remaining U.S. Attorneys appointed by Obama. No one thought there was a connection between these two events. Not even Sean Hannity. The only one who would believe something so far-fetched is CNN’s Don Lemon.

Coincidence, you think? Or is this another example of the president having a knee-jerk reaction to a right-wing news story?” asked Lemon to his panel. He went on to say that he thinks Hannity gave President Trump a direct order to fire these people.

Sean Hannity responded to Lemon with a single perfect tweet. “Don, I have great respect for the work you do. Clearly you do NOT understand @POTUS He is his own man. Study Lincoln and Clinton purges!!” he tweeted.

Trump is his own man, he has no masters, he is totally independent, and he is the best president we ever had!