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Guess Which Billionaire Was Behind Wednesday’s ‘Day Without A Woman’


According to a report by the Media Research Center, arch-leftist billionaire George Soros donated at least $246 million to groups behind Wednesday’s “Day Without a Woman” protest.

In a report entitled “Marching to Soros’ Tune, MRC reports:

The Media Research Center’s Business division analyzed the groups involved in the Women’s March and found that the march’s most-important supporters were backed by Soros. Key findings include:

Partners Received More Than $246 Million From George Soros: 100 of the 544 Women’s March partners received a total of $246,637,217 from Soros between 2000 and 2014. Soros gave more than $1 million to 36 of those partners, including the Center for Reproductive Rights, MoveOn.org, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Partners Hostile to Christians and Conservative Values: Soros money goes to many causes openly hostile to people of faith and their values. The ACLU, which received $37.3 million from Soros, has tried repeatedly to close Catholic hospitals and “emboldened” criminals in Chicago. The Center for American Progress (backed by $12.2 million from Soros) used the Orlando nightclub shooting to bash Christians. Even Human Rights Watch, which tracks human rights violations around the globe, ignores the right to life for the unborn and supports abortion giant Planned Parenthood.