Home News WOW-White House Intruder Arrested Just Metres Away From The Presidents Window

WOW-White House Intruder Arrested Just Metres Away From The Presidents Window


A man carrying a backpack was arrested after breaching the White House outer perimeter fence on Friday night, the US Secret Service has said.

The man, identified by Washington, D.C., police as Jonathan Tran, 26,  of Milpitas, Calif., was charged with entering or remaining in restricted grounds while using a dangerous weapon. Jonathan Tran will be held without bale, pending a hearing set for March 13.

Many reports initially suggested that the man was carrying a suspicious object in his hand as he ran towards the White House complex,however the authorities have not validated any of those claims. One report that has been verified was from The Associated Press who reported that authorities had found two cans of Mace on the floor next to him and inside of his jacket pocket.

When questioned the man claimed to be a Trump supporter who wanted to say high to the President.These claims seemed to be verified when authorities reported that Tran was carrying a U.S. passport, a Apple laptop computer and book written by Trump with a letter he had written to the president.

FoxNews.com has more on the incident:

A person climbed a White House fence Friday night and gained access to the complex’s south grounds before being arrested, the Secret Service said Saturday, shortly after noon.

The incident occurred at about 11:38 p.m. Friday while President Trump was at the White House, officials told Fox News.

The Secret Service also said the unidentified person scaled an outer-perimeter fence on the White House complex’s southeast side, near the Treasury Building, and was arrested without further incident by an officer in the agency’s Uniformed Division.

The intruder was carrying a backpack and purportedly got close to the White House’s south portico residence entrance, near the Washington Monument.

No hazardous material was found inside the backpack, and a subsequent search of the complex grounds resulted in “nothing of concern to security operations,” the Secret Service said.