Home News Latina College Student Wants White People To Pay For Her Spring Break!

Latina College Student Wants White People To Pay For Her Spring Break!


This is why we elected Donald J. Trump to be our president.

We need a reality check, we need new start, we need new philosophy in America!

Look at this insane letter that is a main story on social networks these few days.

A hispanic Pitzer University student sent out an email asking fellow students, particularly white ones, to pay for her spring break. Why? Because white people are responsible for the “genocide and enslavement of our ppl” or something.

Here’s the whole email, and it’s a doozy:

So let’s break this down, shall we?

Support QPOC Spring Break Trip

QPOC = victim talk for Queer People of Color. Oh, you’re a QPOC? Allow me to shower you in free things. You are a TRUE victim and really, really deserve them.

bunch of us tryna get away from this toxic institution for the break.

Interesting that you find Pitzer University so toxic. According to Pitzer’s website, tuition, room, and board at Pitzer a mind-blowing $66,192 a year, which means that over the course of a four-year undergraduate degree (if she finishes in four years, based on that email alone, the chances of that look slim) Miss Vargas will have blown $264,768 of someone’s money to be at this toxic institution.

And now she wants to go on spring break with more other’s money?!

This victimization od minorities in America is insane.

White Americans are under attack from these millions of immigrants of black Americans who are whining for decades, refusing to make an effort, blaming the White Americans for all of their problems!

We need to stop this nonsense. We need unity and common sense.