Home News Obama lawyers move fast to join fight against Trump!

Obama lawyers move fast to join fight against Trump!


Image source: commons.wikimedia.org
Author: The White House from Washington, DC

Obama top lawyers are starting a total war against president Trump!

They are going to do their best to stop Trump, and they are going to use everything they have on their disposal.

This is a pure attack on America! President Trump is going to be slaughtered form this liberal bunch of fanatics!

When Johnathan Smith resigned from the U.S. Justice Department on Inauguration Day, he looked forward to spending time with his infant son, but that plan unraveled a week later when President Donald Trump unveiled his explosive foreign travel ban.

Within two weeks, Smith had a new job as legal director of civil rights group Muslim Advocates and was drafting briefs for a successful court challenge to the ban, joining other former top Obama administration lawyers now fighting Trump.

It is not surprising that Smith and some of his colleagues, political appointees of Democratic President Barack Obama, would leave the Justice Department now led by Republicans. What is unusual is how fast they have signed up to be Trump adversaries.

Some Republican lawyers say they were less hasty in moving into oppositional roles post-election. George Terwilliger, a senior Justice Department official under President George H.W. Bush, described the Obama lawyers’ actions as “unprecedented to my memory – and really bad form.

This is very bad! We are going to expect many bad things in near future!

We have to give Trump all the support we can give to him!

He needs our help! We have to believe in him and we have to defend him on social media, in public, we have to stay with him!

We voted for him so that MAGA project can be put in reality, we need to reform and rebuild America and make America great again!