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CNN Just Cut Live Feed AGAIN! Watch Them Censor This Woman Destroying Obamacare!


Image Source: CNN

CNN claims they want people to respect and trust them, but if anyone on their feed says something that they don’t want to hear, AKA the truth, they cut it as quickly as they can.

President Trump gave a press conference where he hosted several victims of Obama to share their stories on how broken and horrible Obamacare is and that’s when CNN cut the feed to the broadcast.

Dana Bash did this earlier when a guest brought up simple facts about the percentage of domestic terrorist attacks on US soil from refugees.

Bash claimed it was the “TV Gremlins” that were the cause and it seems that they appear anyone says anything truthful about how horrible Obama’s tenure as president was.

Now they cut the feed of a poor rancher that has seen her rates under Obamacare reach 3 times what she used to pay and she only has 1 provider to choose from.

But Obamacare isn’t broken right?

This is exactly why Obamacare needs to be destroyed as soon as possible and replaced with a program that actually works.

CNN keeps censoring the news and they keep losing their trust rating. Pretty soon they are going to be out of business if they keep doing this!

President Trump was exactly right when he named them fake news and they just keep proving him right.

President Trump even said maybe the news will report this and they still cut the feed.