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What Maxine Waters Said About Obama Just Came Back To Haunt Her! Watch Her Own Words Destroy Her!


Image Source: MSNBC

Maxine Waters just seems to complain about every president but when it’s her party they aren’t doing stuff fast enough.

Maxine Waters complained when Obama was elected that he didn’t clear out President Bush’s appointees fast enough!

Maxine Waters: “As we understand it, the protocol has been that U.S. attorneys hand in their resignations and would give the new administration an opportunity to make new appointments, we don’t see that happening quite fast enough.”

This is after she has been complaining about the Obama appointees that Attorney General Sessions and Trump just fired.

This woman is the definition of confused and hypocritical.

And if they think the ask for resignation by Obama’s appointees was bad then they are definitely forgetting the fact that Bill Clinton fired 93 people in one day when he took office.

The Democrats tend to forget the past when it suits their whining and complaining of today.

These people are absolutely ridiculous and they wonder why no one believes a word out of their mouths.

Maxine Waters is even more ridiculous than her fellow Democratic California nutcase Nancy Pelosi and that is saying something.