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GOP Senators Just Made A Complete Political Storm In America: Obama, Not Russia, Interfered…


Image Source: CNN

GOP senators just made a huge splash in the political world.

They turned the tables, and accused president Obama to interfering in elections all over the world!

Obama is shocked, Trump is smiling…

Republican Congressional leaders have sent a letter to Secretary of State Tillerson on Tuesday asking for an investigation over new allegations that the Obama administration has meddled in foreign elections.

The lawmakers revealed that they have had multiple conversations with foreign officials, many of whom confirmed that the Obama administration actively interfered with foreign elections in Europe, Latin America, and Africa.

The letter to Secretary Tillerson also expresses the Republican leadership’s concern over allegations that taxpayer money was siphoned from the Department of State to liberal organizations, such as those ran by activist George Soros, to be used in foreign campaigns.

This isn’t the first time the Obama administration has been accused of meddling in other nation’s affairs. Obama came under fire when his State Department spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during their national elections in 2015.

The same thing is happening in Macedonia too.

President Trump should order all American embassies never to change democratically elected governments.

America should mind it’s own business!

We need those millions for our problems in America.

Trump was right when he ordered USAID funds to be slashed.