Home Politics Tucker Carlson grills Planned Parenthood executive on abortion!

Tucker Carlson grills Planned Parenthood executive on abortion!


Photo screengrab from video below

Trump and Pence run on a conservative ticket. They promised conservatives that they will stop government sponsored abortions and they are doing exactly that.

Liberals are furious about that. They are trying to stop that, and they will fail!

Almost everyone in the conservative world is doing it’s best to support this new police from the White House.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson grilled Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens about abortion during his program Monday evening.

Planned Parenthood recently rejected a Trump administration funding deal that would have allowed them to continue receiving federal funds if they stopped performing abortions. The organization promptly rejected the deal as “obscene and insulting” after it was reported by the New York Times. The Times noted that the deal was never formally offered.

Carlson asked Laguens why “abortion is so important to Planned Parenthood that you’re willing to forgo half a billion dollars a year in federal subsidies?

He is so right! Planned Parenthood is a liberal triumph in which they put abortion as main liberal agenda.

They will never accept this new policy by the White House, that will mean a huge defeat and they will try to avoid that by all means.
Trump is going to return family values and Christianity in America.