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What The Crowd Cheered At Trump’s Rally In Nashville Had Him Smiling From Ear To Ear!


Image Source: FOX News

President Trump gave yet another incredible speech in Nashville, TN Wednesday night and what he did was beyond hilarious.

President Trump addressed the new travel ban that he put forward so that new extreme vetting procedures could be put in place to make sure that refugees and immigrants with terrorist ties couldn’t get into our country.

During his address though he quoted the law allowing the President to stop immigration if it was in the interest of the nation, whether it was a male or female president.

President Trump then went on to say, “he or she, or she, fortunately it will not be Hillary she …” and he crowd went wild!

Watch President Trump’s speech here:

The continued to chant “Lock her up!” for over a minute after President Trump said this!

Hillary it appears that America still hates you as much as it did 2 months ago.

If she is thinking that she is going to run in 2020 then she better think twice unless she wants to lose for a third time.

The first attempt from President Trump was blocked but he recently came back with a revised plan in an attempt to appease some of the people that were originally opposed to it.

It appears that the revised travel ban has met opposition once again after Hawaiian Judge Derrick Kahala Watson has stopped it from going into effect. The situation surrounding Judge Watson and his decision are sketchy at best though after his friend from his Harvard Law graduating class and former president Barack Obama was seen in Hawaii the day before Judge Watson made his decision.