Home Politics What President Trump Just Told German Chancellor Has Obama Running Scared!

What President Trump Just Told German Chancellor Has Obama Running Scared!


Image Source: ABC News

President Trump isn’t waisting any time in building his relationships with our allies after President Obama has ruined many of them for seemingly no reason.

The way Obama and John Kerry worked behind the scenes to stab Israeli President Netanyahu in the United Nations to getting caught wiretapping German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone several years ago.

Obama has had some horrible foreign policy and President Trump is working to change that.

Earlier today he met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and what he told her during their joint press conference will have Obama running scared!

They met about the refugee crisis and the fight against global terrorism. Afterwords they held a joint press conference.

President Trump was asked a question about wiretapping and what he said next had the press in tears.

Donald Trump: “As far as wiretapping I guess you know, this past administration-at least we have something in common, perhaps.”

Donald Trump is just having fun with Obama now. The fact that two world leaders are in the same room and both have been wiretapped by Obama tells you something.

Obama can’t be trusted.

Obama was hoping that the wiretapping scandal would just fade away like what happened when he got caught tapping Angela Merkel’s phone, but President Trump isn’t going to let that happen at all.

He is going to make sure that Obama pays for tapping his phones.

While President Trump was making a joke about the wiretapping connection between himself and Angela Merkel, the fact that he is meeting with the unofficial leader with the EU is a good sign for further relations with our European allies.