Home News Bernie Sanders Buys Third House, Prompting Mass Trolling On Social Networks!

Bernie Sanders Buys Third House, Prompting Mass Trolling On Social Networks!


Liberals and progressives are hypocrites!

They love to troll and attack the rich but they also love the money!

But they do not want to work for the money, they want to take it from others!

That is their ideology for decades!

Bernie Sanders has purchased his third house – a move that has drawn mass criticism and trolling from social media users.
Vanity Fair confirms the purchase, reporting that Sanders purchased a four-bedroom home on the shore of Lake Champlain for $600,000 – more than three times the median American home price.

The proceeds reportedly came from the sale of a home his wife inherited.

Sanders now owns three properties – one in Burlington, Vermont and another in Capitol Hill, D.C.

He still is one of the poorest members of Congress but don’t let that fool you; Sanders’ salary alone (never mind his wife’s income) still places him in the top 4% of American earners.

As Vanity Fair puts it, that’s “enough to purchase a nice lakefront retirement property with plenty leftover to buy “Feel the Bun” sandwiches from the local Hero’s Welcome General Store.

Unsurprisingly, news of Sanders’ latest high-ticket purchase is not sitting well with many Twitter users who have called him out for hypocrisy.

@JackPosobiec a Socialist. In his spare time!

— Kim Lloyd George (@Kimllg88) March 18, 2017

Bernie Sanders Buys His Third House … but doesn't want to live in a country that focus some much on the rich https://t.co/KwFa1olFuD

— Joe Warmington (@joe_warmington) March 18, 2017

We need more rich people in America, but not with socialist programs and utopias, but with work and jobs and by creating profits and by selling things, by exporting, creating new brands, new products…