The Numbers Are In! The Amount That Trump Has Lowered Our National...

The Numbers Are In! The Amount That Trump Has Lowered Our National Debt Already Is INCREDIBLE!


Image Source: Gage Skidmore

President Trump can’t stop winning for America! He has already destroyed Obama’s record when he took office.

Obama not only spent $400 billion that went down the drain as a “stimulus package” and didn’t do anything for our country.

President Trump on the other hand had actually made our country money! President Trump has lowered the US National debt by $100 billion!

Seeing as it’s a lot harder to make money rather than spend it this is incredible! This is what happens when we have a President that understands business and how our economy works.

This is the first big step towards lowering our national debt and President Trump hasn’t even been in office for 2 months.

Instead of leaving our country with a deficit of $1.4 trillion in his first month like Obama did President Trump has lowered it from $19,947 trillion to $19,846.

Obama continued to spend the American’s hard earned money for 8 years and finally the books are showing a deposit rather a withdrawal.

One month after Trump’s inauguration the National debt was down $12 billion and now after 2 months the National Debt is down $100 billion.