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Washington Post BUSTED! What They Just Did To Try And Hurt Trump Is Absolutely UNFORGIVABLE!


Image Source: Dion Hinchcliffe

The Washington Post has completely sold out any reliability and credibility they ever had. They continue to push fake news and write stories purely so they will damage President Trump and they have yet to face any consequences.

They are up there with CNN when it comes to fake news and that is saying something.

And as bad of stuff as they have done so far, what they just got caught doing is worse than any of their fake stories but thankfully people were watching for them to make a mistake and caught their lying.

The Washington Post changed a headline on a story of immigrants dropping food stamps to turn it into an anti-Trump story.

Here is a before and after of the headlines.

Image Source: Washington Post
Image Source: Washington Post

It can’t be any more obvious that this. They intentionally edited the headline to make it sound like a hunger protest when in reality it was immigrants trying to evade deportation knowing that the government has their address through the food stamp program.

The other very important thing to take into account here is that the only people that should be worried about deportation are those that entered the country illegally and they shouldn’t be living off of our tax dollars to begin with.

So in reality this Washington Post story is only showing that finally illegal immigrants know they will be deported because we have a president that doesn’t hand out taxpayer money with a bow to them.

The Washington Post just keeps diving lower and lower into the swamp and it couldn’t be any more obvious.