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Detective On Seth Rich’s Murder Just Came Out And Leaked A Bombshell That Will Light Investigation On Fire!


Image Source: Fox News

Seth Rich has provided many a people as the quintessential conspiracy theory in the past few months but there appears to be truth to these theories!

The murdered DNC staffer who is claimed to have leaked thousands of DNC documents to WikiLeaks and then having his investigation covered up by the DNC for damage control just got lit on fire!

The family, fed up with the police AND FBI not doing anything on the investigation, hired Rod Wheeler a former DC Murder Detective to actually investigate the case and what he found is that there is beyond a doubt something going on!

First of all why was the FBI investigating a murder investigation, unless it was something far bigger than a murder investigation.

Wheeler has never been allowed access or even the knowledge of the whereabouts of Rich’s computer that was the only thing stolen from Rich after he was shot in the back, leaving his wallet and keys untouched.

Wheeler has contacted both the FBI and the DC police to locate the computer and both tell him to contact the other one.

Watch Wheeler go on Hannity and blow the lid off of this investigation!

What proves without a doubt that the DNC is covering this up is that after Wheeler contacted the DC police about the case, someone from the DNC called the Rich family to ask them why they had someone snooping around in the case!

The DC police contacted the DNC to let them know that someone was looking into the case! The DNC has been connected to this case and pulling the strings from the beginning!

Guess what I learned yesterday from the family of Seth Rich? The police department did not call me back because someone, a high ranking official at the DNC–check this out–a high ranking official at the DNC–when I called the police department, they got that information and called the Rich family wanting to know, why was I snooping around?”